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The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide: A Futuristic Journey Through the Cosmos

Do you dream of traveling to other worlds? This visually spectacular book brings you closer to an interplanetary voyage than ever before!
Following in the footsteps of Jim Bell’s successful The Space Book, Mars 3-D, and Moon 3-D, this large-format volume offers space enthusiasts an unparalleled visual experience of our solar system. Featuring eight removable NASA posters highlighting the wonders of space, gorgeous full-color photography, and stunning art, Bell’s travel guide takes you on a futuristic tour of the solar system and beyond. Along the way, you’ll experience what it’s like to hike across lunar craters, soar through the winds of Venus, and raft down the rapids of Titan. Informative summaries of every destination are based on knowledge gleaned from more than 50 years of space exploration. The images provide a taste of the awe-inspiring destinations that we may one day reach, from the oceans of Europa to the newly discovered planets of TRAPPIST-1, while captions draw our attention to the unusual craters, ridges, seas, and storms captured by orbiting satellites, landers, and rovers.


“Like any good travel book, Jim Bell’s guide gives you some good advice on what to bring and what to wear. Of course, we don’t leave for a few hundred years. For now though, check out these images—the pictures alone will make you want to start packing!” —Bill Nye, CEO, The Planetary Society

“This guide to our amazing solar system is loaded with approachable science, thought-provoking challenges and beautiful imagery to transport you there. This book belongs on every big dreamer's night stand!” —Scott Parazynski, MD, Astronaut, Tech CEO, and Author of The Sky Below
“Want to hotwing on Venus or enjoy fine dining on Phobos? Then Jim Bell’s is the essential guidebook to have in your spacesuit backpack. Where to go, what to see, how to pack, you’ll be all ready to board your rocket when the year 2218 rolls around. Until we acquire the real Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this book is the next best thing to reveal our solar system’s hottest—and coldest—spots.” —Jon Lomberg, Space Artist and Design Director for the Voyager Golden Record
The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide is a fanciful vision of future hotels at lunar poles and cable cars up the volcanoes of Mars. It's both a fun ride and a fact-filled journey through the many worlds of the solar system—and beyond!” —Emily Lakdawalla, Senior Editor, The Planetary Society